More growth, more drops, skateboard decks, paper shopping bags, bits of wood…

Sean Worrall

Loading up for more #365ArtDrops today and over the Spring Equinox weekend, where shall we “drop” them this time? Dozen or so pieces painted on found things going out for people to take away should they wish to. Each one numbered and with the hashtag on the back so people can tell us where the pieces go…

#365ArtDrops ready to go.... #365ArtDrops ready to go….

Yesterday was mostly about new blue growth an a big canvas that has been evolving over the last two year since it was dropped off outside the Art Depository show a couple of years ago. This big piece (140cm x 140cm) has been shown a couple of times in shows since I first painted on it, this week a new spurt of mostly blue leaves (others may see hearts, or indeed something other than leaves or the hearts some insist they see)

sw_bluemonday9 Work in progress

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