Which Shape Is Your Longboard Riding Style?

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Your riding style is determined by how you ride your longboard.
when you know your style you can start to pick a shape. Luckily there are many shapes for every style.

Last time we wrote about the styles in “What’s Your Longboard Riding Style? – Tricks Get Applause, Style Gets Respect” so this time we look at the board shapes.

Boards are available in hundreds if not thousands of shapes, and every month it seems new ones are added. Shaping a boards is something many people enjoy and for one-offs pretty easy to do.  Weird and crazy shapes are available like boards in the shape of one of the 50 US states, as a rockets or thunderbolt, from triangles and rectangles to batman logos and so on (some example on our Pinterest board: different shaped longboards. You can probably find several shapes you really like.

Let’s stick to…

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3 thoughts on “Which Shape Is Your Longboard Riding Style?

    • that’s your opinion, it isn’t a fact. the only thing a skateboard can’t do that a longboard can is go down steep hills. they’re both considered “sidewalk surfing” and can do tricks but there are some tricks a longboard can’t do and vice versa. so no, i don’t consider it a crime. most skaters and longboarders alike know that the phrase “skateboarding is not a crime” has to do with the fact that skateboarding outside areas that are not designated or are not skateparks gets you in trouble with the law usually,, not the semantics of longboarding vs. skateboarding.


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