21st Annual Venice Surf-A-Thon surf Contest Re-Cap

Surf and Skate Ventures

trophy 1stClocking in again, 21 years in a row serving the surfing community! Yeah man we lost more soldiers than I care to recount this year among those troopers are Tony Cahill, Shogo Kubo, and the enigma of a man, Jay Adams.  Several of the  O.Gs commented on the longitivity of the surf contest and that we never dreamed we would be holding the event for grandkids of the first contestants.

Well, I will get down to  the nitty griity,  the surfing and good times. The surf was  better than average as the finals being held off the rocks of the south side of the Venice break water for the first time. The contestants ranged in age from a mere 3 years old to 55 years old with a grand total of 46 surfers with entries from Brazil, Japan, Santa Cruz, Hunntington Beach and Dana Point.  We took it back old school…

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