Rebel8 Reppin’

4 the B

Last week, I was blessed with the opportunity to shoot for renowned street clothing line, Rebel8.

it's me, (B). shot by @kingstonphoto it’s me, (B). shot by @kingstonphoto

In the car-ride to the shoot’s location, I practically interviewed the photographer (@kingstonphoto) about the history of the company and its founders. Come to find out, Rebel8 is an inspirational rags to riches story about a guy with an idea and a dedication to a lifestyle.

Rebel8 - Header

In 2003, founder Joshy D. started Rebel8 with only $500 and a bag of printed tees designed by good friend, Mike Giant. Yeah, the legendary tattoo and graffiti artist Mike Giant. Yes, THAT Mike Giant.

Mike Giant Mike Giant

Fast-forward to just over ten years later and hours upon hours of hard work, and Rebel8 is an internationally known street-wear company heavily inspired by the tattoo, skateboard, and graffiti cultures of the West Coast. But its not just any street-wear company; Rebel8 is one…

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