Should skateboarding be allowed on sidewalks?

The Argument of (Nearly) Everything

As I was surfing the waves of the internet (yes I just said that) I found a debate that seemed rather silly: should skateboarding be allowed? As an avid skateboarder (well, ripstick actually) I would say absolutely! Would you rather us skateboarders riding in the road? In front of your car? Some people would say that skateboarding is a danger to pedestrians. Technically, skateboarders are pedestrians!! This one was absolutely one-sided, but try to change my mind anyway if you wish.

Okay, so maybe that one was an excuse to get me to post. I just wanted to say hi, and also that I will be posting every 3-4 days instead of the original “Sunday and Wednesday.” Running a blog, especially one that is based on facts, is tough work! I was used to blabbing about my summer, and my life, and that’s about it. But now I have to…

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