My Beautiful Wheels


In London you see all types of Wheels, often outside Harrods you get the Bugatti, Ferarri, Aston Martin type of rich wheels. Riding through the parks, those bikes that all have the same name ” Boris” … The red buses dashing up Regents Street, the Tuk Tuks tucking the tourists around Soho. Wheel barrows holding fruit and veg in the east end, antiques in Notting Hill and coats in Petticoat lane.

My Wheels consist of four, one Pink, one blue, one yellow and one black with a piece of red wood, my baby, my prized possession – my skate board.

I find myself skating to work most mornings, either waking up slightly hung over or extremely tired, I take the same route, down the smooth pavements, past ITV News, I look left and the same man in the same cafe is smoking the same brand of cigarettes, I have my…

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