7 reasons why Longboarding is awesome


IMG_4327I have a hobby. People who know me will agree that I am very good in starting new hobbies, not so good in following through and actually getting good at them. Longboarding is one of them. But at least it is one that I still call my hobby as I still do it once in a while. So I made a little list on why I love Longboarding, to share with you guys:

1. You can go really fast
2. You can dance on it
3. You can feel like you are good at it with not that much practice
4. You look all hipster with it
5. If you do it right it counts as exercise
6. It is the snowboarding of the summer
7. Longboards are pretty

There are probably a million other reasons why Longboarding rocks, feel free to put whatever crosses your mind in a comment…

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