Setagaya Skatepark

Skateboarding Japan

Setagaya Skatepark, Ikejiri Ohashi 

Hey guys,

Here’s one of my favourite little skateparks to shred!

Setagaya skatepark is located in Setagaya park with easy access from either Ikejiri Ohashi or Sangenjaya stations.

It’s free to skate, no helmets required, painted,smooth and with a range of things to rip on. Also there’s a little street section with a nice curved ledge, manny pad, and vert bank.

All the crew that skate there are really cool and friendly and cool to chill with after a skate with some beers.

Suited to all levels this park is great for beginners but you mad dog guys who wanna go big and hit stairs and rails I recommend Miyashita or Nike park in Shibuya.

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