Snap Back Skateboarding

I’ve noticed! the older you get the more your muscles need to be stretched. Yes, I know I should’ve known this a long time ago as well. What I have noticed is by stretching before skating my muscles seem to tense up a little bit more than not stretching before. I decided that I was going to start stretching after my sesh’s to see if that made a difference.

After about 8 days of stretching after skateboarding, there is a huge difference in how my legs feel when skateboarding they feel more loose. The muscle I’ve built over the last few weeks of skateboarding have been incredible they feel stronger. Although I need to work on my belly as well, I believe once I start skating ledges and rails that should start to go as well.

As of now 8/27/2012 I’ve been going every other day skateboarding letting my injury…

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