Amie Sheppard on Women’s Longboarding

She Can Shred

At the end of July we posted Spread the Stoke: A Longboard Love a Documentry about the world of longboarding and early this month we were able to chat with the filmmaker, Amie Sheppard all about it.

Amie Sheppard

Is there a big gender gap between men and women in longboarding?

In terms of numbers yes, in terms of skill not so much. Elena Corrigall and Anna O’Neill beat boys on the daily in Open categories. However, we are greatly outnumbered by the boys. The Canadian and American female skate scene is widely spread out and we often only get to skate together at events. For the female skate scene to grow, community level and outlaw events need to provide Women’s categories so girls learning are able to progress together. Fact is that most boys have at least 3 years of skate experience and 30 lbs on us. Our bodies are different. We skate…

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