I just wanted everyone to know that from now on I will not be reposting from wordpress.com several times a day.  I will still be blogging and reblogging here, but it is actually so much easier for me to have an online newspaper.  I have two: one strictly for indy wrestling, and one that is based off of my website, jadelafemme.com.  It is called “Blossom to Binary”.  It’s everything I am interested in that you see me post here, but it is soooo much less time consuming.  I am a single mother who’s kid is growing like a weed, as they tend to do, and I am also a caretaker to my daugher, who has non-verbal Autism.

I love sharing all the topics I find interesting and have people respond to it, but I also need to focus on my writing, which I will discuss in my personal blog:


And also my review blog:


where I will now be reviewing various books from bloggingforbooks.org

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  1. Hi Kate, hey can you tell me a little about the online newspaper you mentioned in your post? That sounds interesting to me and I was wondering if it was free, or what the scoop was on it?


    Rich Monday


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