So This Is Where All The Hot Women Are Hiding…


Breaking news boys, from your not-so-single woman on the ground – a large number of females congregated in Central London last Thursday night…and they were all in one place!

Obviously after reading the very informative Marie Claire article a pack of hungry, looking-the-part females descended upon the temporary Selfridges HTC One Park in search of hot single men. Clearly not reading the fine print they were left sorely disappointed after finding out it was a designated women’s evening.
You can only imagine the uproar that ensued – what was the point of wearing ones cap backwards and carrying a skateboard ‘blend in’ accessory if you weren’t going to get a boyfriend out of it?

Given the option of carrying their boards around all evening looking the part or actually giving it a go – everyone opted for the later…all 47 of them!! And what a night it was.

The old…

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