Sidewalk Surfing

My board, like I mentioned in my earlier post, is a Sector 9. I don’t know why, but I’ve always loved they way they look. The clear grip tape, in my eyes, separates it from a skateboard and allows you to see the bamboo that it’s made of. On the underside of the board, there is usually some sort of beach scene, but that isn’t the only type of design they have. There are so many different boards. Each to fit many different people’s taste.

Sector 9 started in 1993. It’s kind of a cool story too. There were just a bunch of friends in California who would hang around a certain spot in town that had a half pipe, a pool table, and some killer smooth hills down to the reefs. Obviously this would be the perfect Cali hang out. As for the name, one of the friends from…

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