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Spending most of my weekends working in a skate shop, I reckon it’s worth posting a bit about the skate scene in Cardiff. There has been a pretty thriving skate scene in south Wales for some time now. Cardiff itself is home to a number of Skate shops tucked away in the city centres arcades, the longest running being City Surf, an independent store which been around since 1986. As the interest in extreme sports such as skateboarding continues to grow, places like Cardiff are beginning to see the positive effects.

Cardiff is rapidly becoming a thriving hub for the skate scene in south Wales with a number of new skate parks popping up. The barrage skate plaza in Cardiff bay offers a nifty little street park specifically designed by skateboarders for the skateboarders. It see’s action most of the year round (weather permitting) and is usually heaving on a…

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Drinking real ale and skateboarding for a good cause


Boatyard Seasonal Jams, Feb 2014

Here’s a video filmed and edited by Rich Sibley from an awesome event to raise much needed funds to improve Falmouth skatepark, which I hasten to add is in dire need of improvement.

Hosted by Seasonal jams it was held at The Rebel Brewing company in Penryn.

It only cost a fiver to get in and there was a marvellous selection of locally brewed ales at only £2.50 a pint. Needless to say the event was super fun and a massive success, helping to raise money and awareness about the need for better skateboard facilities in falmouth.

Seasonal jams are looking at hosting regular events like this is the future so keep your eyes out for that.

You can check out the campaign to get a new skatepark on facebook here: Get Falmouth a new skatepark!

The event was supported by Sessions Surf & Skate…

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“Let Us Roam” Trailer


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Push It A Stop

Presented by Leica, this series will follow four skateboarders/artists while they go about their craft. Arto Saari has long been my favorite skater and watching his photography career flourish is pure inspiration.

I tend to take it pretty far sometimes to get what I need to get- whether it be a trick or getting a photo. It definitely goes hand-in-hand.

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