When I’m to Lazy to Skate

North Pacific Pastimes


Cameron Revier is one of my favorite pro skaters.  I like his style, his tricks, and how fast he skates.  I like this video because it is up-beat, exciting and filmed at the Venice Beach skate park.  One of the best parts of watching Revier skate is how his long hair whips around when he does tricks.  It adds that extra little topping to his style, and makes watching him skate even more fun.


This video is super sick.  It puts together the highlights of all the videos this company (Blood Orange) made all year.  It is mostly fast freeride and Downhill longboarding with some of the best skaters in the industry.  Most of the shots were filmed in Laguna Beach and San Francisco.


This video was just posted by the company today.  I chose to put this video up not because it is crazy good, but…

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