Longboarding for peace in the Middle East

A Not So Different Story.

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Michael Brooke, has created a movement, which he hopes one day will help bring joy and happiness to some of the most volatile and dangerous areas around the world. Whether it’s the ongoing geopolitical war in the Middle East or if it’s the rough neighborhoods of Houston, Texas, he has found a way to help kids in these communities become more confident, and has given them an opportunity they would not otherwise have.

The foundation is called Longboarding for Peace. Michael first started off by flying to Israel with $10000 worth of gear for the local children to use. The major goal here was to help show this younger generation within these areas that there was no differences between Arabs, and Israelis and that we are all human beings and we should all get along. By having everyone working together, without the bias of religion, the children eventually learned to…

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