great day to go out and skate!


it seriously is a nice day out here in the DYT so i decided to go out and skateboard. So today this post is all about skateboarding.

ive been dying to actually be outside in the nice weather and just ride my board with feeling of freedom beneath my feet and today it was nice enough to do so.

with the crazy people that i’ve encountered telling me NO this isnt a place to skateboard go to a park or something….PLEASE DIRECT ME TO THE NEAREST PARK THAT ISNT IN A 15 MILE RADIUS. because here in ohio there are parks around but without a vehicle those places are hard to get to, thus leaving street skating a more enjoyable and great way to skate.

Now when it comes to skaters vs the world its like this, ALMOST everyone is against it because skateboarders are seen as delinquents who are…

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