Behind the punk hair: Book review on Skate by Michael Harmon

Kaleidoscopic Lens

Image        With all the hype of dystopian  thrillers and The Fault in Our Stars  ( Which I love and plan to quote the book to strangers soon), I wanted to read a somewhat normal book about an average teenager. An average teenager who faces relatable obstacles instead of planning the horrific deaths of other tributes to survive ( A.K.A. Catching Fire).

     I stumbled across Skate by Micheal Harmon, ironically about a skateboarder named Ian McDermott. From the summary, the main character seemed like your typical angsty punk skateboarder who people raised suspicious eyebrows at for his piercings and punk hair. His anger is finally at a breaking point when he punches a teacher. Having no support from his unreliable mother, him and his little brother Sammy search for a safe zone – their father.

     It’s refreshing to here a male characters perspective instead of a female one…

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