Role revert

Relearning to Skateboard

Shit, wow, I got to skate last night!
As an adult relearning how to skateboard while having jobs, a business and a marriage – and a long-winded blog – it isn’t always easy to get roll time.

Had a long day and a meeting last night, got home exhausted around 10:30pm. My wife was like, “Are you going to skate?” I was like, “I want to but…” She cut me off, “Go!! It is your practice, you need to skate!”. I had been about to say, “But I should work on pressuring my manager and agent, write a log-line for a script and I’m too tired,” when she convinced me to go skate! Was originally going to call this post, “Role reversal”, but “Role revert” seemed more skateboard appropriate. Historically over the last year she’s appreciated skating but has always nudged me instead to work harder on my career.


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2 thoughts on “Role revert

  1. Hello!!!! I am so grateful for you every time you reblog one of my posts, and for your entire blog. I have met many great skaters, and learned quite a bit of good info about the skate community through your blog! A couple dudes who might be virtual or actual friends for life! Happy Holidays to you.


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