Time Well Spent

I will pray for Riley’s complete recovery! -Katie

Helping Relationships

Today I am going to visit my youngest brother, Riley (18), in the hospital. He has just had surgery on his shoulder after a skateboarding accident. As much as I hate hospitals, want to be there to support him. I know what it is like to be injured and bed ridden in the hospital after a surgery as I have also experience it when in 2010 I had surgery on my wrist (after a rollerblading accident!).  To cheer him up I am bringing him his favorite meal that I cook, which I call “Lazy Lasagna” as it’s similar to, but much easier to whip up. I am also bringing a book to help passed the time from Wade’s collection of bathroom readers which are surprisingly entertaining. More importantly, I am looking forward to spending time with my little brother as he has no choice! Spending time with him is difficult…

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