The Life of a (North)East Coast Skater

Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Sports

This isn’t another post about how much I love skateboarding; I’ve explained that too many times. This is more of just what us skaters who live on the East coast experience from late November to late March (even though I secretly know drool over the posts where I drool over skateboarding).

Last night my friend Luis and I were playing PS4 when it suddenly hit me: that sprained ankle I was talking about a couple of weeks ago has healed rather quickly, and I’ve been itching to skate. Healed ankle + itching to skate = one hell of a weekend. Now, that calculus-level equation I just wrote out is how I would usually feel, but not this time. The thought of skating had me so stoked that I completely forgot my skateboard and I may be going on a dry spell, because it’s that time of the month year –…

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