The Confinement of Skateboarding Within Cities


Our current module at University is based on the idea of communities – within this guideline we were placed into groups where we thought of a single word main subject idea to work around. We are representing ‘Confinement’.

From this, and after respected research, I took my passion route of skateboarding, and for the past month i’ve been working around and photographing the confinement of skateboarding within cities.

The war on skateboarding from governments and councils around the world, more specifically in UK cities for now, have forced (us) skateboarders to represent ourselves and continue the culture of skateboarding and the complete freedom we and it portrays, street skateboarding being the biggest movement. In cases of being a result of misconception by this ‘hierarchy’, being pushed out of city centres at times, representing DIY skateparks and city wars, and i’ve been turning this into making photographs.

Below are photographs from…

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