Skateboarders beware

The Tiger Print

Juan Rodriguez
Staff writer

Skateboarding is a popular way to get around on campus, just like longboarding or bike riding.  However, it’s not actually allowed.  Signs are posted right before entering both the south and east parking lots.  Many students do not pay much attention to these signs, but are unaware these signs can save them from a ticket. Campus police should be cracking down on assigning a ticket or perusing disciplinary action.  Anyone assigned a ticket or caught skateboarding will be placed on disciplinary probation and may face community service or be required to write a paper on critical thinking. Skating on campus is considered a hazard for everyone, even the skaters themselves.

The rules are not new; they have been up and active every single year and will continue.  Campus police will catch students and make examples to warn others that rules are rules, and not meant to…

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