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The Book Of Skateboarding

In case you’ve missed it, Thrasher is releasing a part everyday from the Zero’s new video Cold War. The parts are only available for 48 hours, so be sure to stay on stop of it, otherwise you’ll be stuck paying for it on iTunes.

They have so far released a short, but killer part from James Brockman, and they also just put up Jamie Thomas’ part at midnight tonight, which you can see at the jump.

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The Art and Science of Skateboarding


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the Dubtree blog.

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We heeaaarrrdddddd they make great stocking stuffers.

Just sayin’.


Photos by Matt Simmerman

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Long Live South Bank – The Bigger Picture

Holy shit I just met Steve Olson!

Relearning to Skateboard

Craving carving, grinding and sliding
Originally this post was going to be called, “Grinding or sliding is a whole other cousin”. But while I was writing it I met Steve Olson, and so that took precedence. Here’s the skinny on the original post theme:
Truck grinding. Tail sliding. I’m getting very slowly better at getting things in place for these desires, but it is an entirely different monster when it comes to getting it to move (grind). It isn’t just, “add speed.” Whether it be fronttail, backtail, frontside or backside 5-0 or 50-50 or even flipping into these, it seems I have to add speed and lessen the angle at which I make contact with the curb. Lessen it so it doesn’t absorb the momentum with a slap down. By decreasing the angle it might also affect the way I actually do the trick into the grind. I’m still a…

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