The Seductive Kickflip; a Long Love/Hate Relationship

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Today I have a glorious update that I actually skated, the first time in 5 weeks. First I skated down the street to make some errands. Then later in the day I went to Forest Park. I took it easy and I am not sure if my neck is 100 percent. I did not fall much, and only did 2 kickflips. Both kickflips were very slow, just a baby push, a slow roll, and then the trick.  I landed both, which is a slight accomplishment I guess. In my memory, I don’t remember any sessions that I have not done kickflips. No matter how easy I’m taking it I always gravitate to doing flip tricks and in particular kickflips. I’ve hurt myself on kickflips so I love them and hate them.

5 weeks ago I went to Forest Park and a few of my friends were there. We decided to…

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