Kenosha Tremper’s Chris Domalik rocks at skateboarding

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KENOSHA (WITI) — Chris Domalik, a student at Kenosha Tremper High School, talks about his love for skateboarding.

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SPoT | Franks For Nothing – Gainesville

Midwest Madness Part 1

Veganism and Skateboarding Part 1

Oh! Saka!

On this blog I have talked about being vegan and a skater – its trials and tribulations. But I want to introduce the companies, organizations, and skaters who proudly fly the vegan flag.

First, being vegan is hard, Period. But trying to find vegan skate shoes, clothes, etc is very hard. Vegans everywhere are used to researching everything they buy.

Here are a few great places to find stuff. Emerica, eS, Vans, and Lakai are very supportive of veganism and have a wide variety styles, colors, etc.

Vegan skate shoe websites

vegan kicks

blog, links to where to buy shoes online, reviews, etc

vegan kinetic

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Almost Acrobatic Skateboarding vid; incredible creativity on four wheels and a board!

The skateboard ban of 1978

The Long and Winding Road

Passing by Somerset Skate Park and watching a skateboarder in action, I was reminded of a time when skateboards first made an appearance in Singapore some three and a half decades or so in early 1976. Then, there were no skate parks catering to skateboarders to speak of and many would take to footpaths and even the streets. This was until a ban was imposed on skateboarding in public places including parks and void decks in May 1978 when I was in Secondary 2 – with the police warning that they would not hesitate to prosecute anyone caught as skateboarding was thought to be not just a nuisance, but also a dangerous activity. With a rink in Sentosa which had been popular with skateboarders (it was also possible to rent skateboards there) deciding to also close their doors to skateboarders not long after that, many skateboarders had to turn to…

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Matterhorn UK

I heard about this organisation a couple of years ago from a Trash Talk twitter post promoting this, and i followed the link to the video. I still follow them on twitter, and the work they do is inspiring to rehabilitating a broken country that has seen decades of conflict, changes of government and occupation. What the organisation is trying to do is promote education and equality within a strict muslim country allow girls to gain the equality that many women in that country dream of and teaching them how to skate. A surprising fact is that Afghan girls can’t ride a bicycle, but they can ride a skateboard. So imagine how empowering that is for a girl in Afghanistan. I think just watch the video below and it will hit you how this organisation has provided a positive effect on the kids in Afghanistan whom have had the good…

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[VIDEO] Lil Wayne Teaches Meek Mill How To Skate


This extended clip from the Triple OG DVD directed by Dj Scoob Doo starts in Miami, Fl. DJ Scoob Doo finds an opportunity to introduce Meek Mill to Lil Wayne while at Hit Factory Studios. This is the first time Meek Mill & Lil Wayne crossed paths & recorded music. Who would have ever thought, Lil Wayne would also teach Meek Mill skateboard rules. History in the making.

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