Rollers For Life.

The Happy Poison Gang

Short Documentary, produced for my Documentary class at Brooks Institute of Photography.

This is a continuation of my first doc, ‘Toyland. Keep A Good Thing Going.’ ( And ‘Toyland. Living The Dream.’ (

Story Focuses on Oldschool skateboarders and why they skate and devote their lives to the thrill of the ride.

Shot and Edited by Dylan Lucas Gordon

Starring David Hackett, Steve Olson, Jonny Miller, John O’Shei and Friends of Toyland.



by Monofocus

When the sun goes down

by The Arctic Monkeys

Creepin up the Backstairs

by the Fratellis

Lovely Allen


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(Dylan Lucas Gordon / Brooks Institute ©2010)

*No four year old children were harmed in the production of this film.

via Rollers For Life. on Vimeo.

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