Smoothest, most in the groove session since the 80s.

Relearning to Skateboard

After a day of taking care of business I paused the evening with the wife for a precisely timed skate session.

Initially I was going to cut it to three makes of each trick, but from the start I was landing almost everything consecutively. Kept going and did 5 or more makes of each. At the end I had twenty minutes left for tres and heelflip practice.

Duration: 90 minutes
Location: Rite Aid


Fakie Ollies
Backside Half-cabs
180 Backside Ollies
Frontside Popshovits
Backside Popshovits
Fakie Kickflips
180 Backside kickflips
Varial Flips
360 Frontside Ollies
(Landing at least 300°, pivoting around the rest).

New Trick Practice

25 attempts. 1 make. 4% make rate.
As I keep saying, came super close a few other times. Coming along.
Learning to put my rear foot back on the very…

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Jorge Calderón video for the Spanish Blind Skateboards – SPAIN

Lines Of Bielawa 2013 : results & video report – POLAND

Skate Agenda

lines of bielawa
On the 3rd and 4th august was held the Lines Of Bielawa 2013. One of the biggest contest in Poland.  Here is the first video report !

Maxim Habanec won the 2013 Lines Of Bielawa

1 Maxim Habanec
2 Bartek Górka
3 Martin Pek

Best Trick – double set:
1 Hardflip revert – Dominik Jaworowski
2 Switch tailslide heelflip out – Martin Pek
3 Late backfoot flip – Krzysiek Kozłowski

more results and report HERE

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Skate Woodcamp 2013 : info & video – POLAND

Skate Agenda

At the Polish Skate Woodcamp ,the biggest skateboard camp in Europe , the session No.1 of the 2013 season is over
Here is the video report / recap from great times in a great place !

There is still oportunity to join Woodcamp and skate on a brand new plaza and more, see details at
official page:


Skate Woodcamp 2013 T1. Oficjalna Relacja from WoodcampTV on Vimeo.

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