X Games Day 1 Results: Skateboard Big Air, Moto X Best Whip, Moto X Freestyle + More

The World Famous KROQ

The Skateboard Big Air and Moto X events seemed to be the highlight of day 1 at the X Games. Skateboard Big Air, which was held at the Irwindale Event Center, saw fan-favorite Bob Burnquist take a nasty spill that left him injured, but not enough to stop him from taking home the bronze. 13-year old Tom Schaar blew spectators minds and walked away with the silver, while Elliot Sloan pulled off some HUGE 540’s and 720’s for the gold.

Back at the Staples Center, the Moto X Best Whip event featured the first-ever female competitor, Vicki Golden, who left with a bronze medal in the fan-voted competition. Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg received 24% – good enough for second place – while Josh Hansen walked away with the gold medal after receiving 42% of the votes.

X Games Invading Downtown LA, Irwindale With Action Sports & Music This Thursday-Sunday

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Project Carnage – Full Film

The Happy Poison Gang

In honour of the Converse City Carnage Skateboarding Competition, June 2, 2012 at the Somerset Skate Park, Nookmag and Bigfoot Industries (BGFT) have produced a short film featuring two local skateboarders conquering skate spots in Singapore. Their journey takes them around the urban city, in and out of neighbourhoods and ollie-ing over obstacles.

Showing the local skateboarding scene and culture in its full glory, the skaters let their actions do all the talk as they skate with deftness and flair.

Aligning with the identity of City Carnage, the short film is set in classic black and white and it sees a continuation of the teaser.

Film and Edit by MDRN

Song Credits – Eins Fine Grind by It’s A Fine Line

via Project Carnage – Full Film on Vimeo.

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Shinpei Ueno’s ‘LENZ II’ Covers Skateboarding in Japan, New York and France


After bringing his skate film LENZ to the big screen back in 2009, director Shinpei Ueno knew there were many more skaters and settings he wanted to feature, but didn’t have the time or means. Now four years later, the cinematographer is set to premiere LENZ II with footage from Japan, New York, and France, along with over 180 riders including Shota Kikuchi, Hiroki Muraoka, and Issey Yumiba.

The goal of this project was not to necessarily compete with American skaters and their gnarly talents, but rather to bring innovation to the visuals of skate cinematography. LENZ II will premiere this October with screenings in Osaka, Tokyo and Sendai.

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….Skate Your Fate, opening reception!….