My MacBook just died. It contained some things I was going to blog about, so I resorted to a backup plan. When in doubt, just recycle an old article that isn’t already on the internet. I see movements accelerated by online outlets to the point where they burn out in mere months and while it’s easy to chuckle at what’s no longer on trend (and we’re currently in a realm where 48 hours after anything arrives online requires some form of self-conscious “late pass” talk), there’s victims in any defunct element of a declining subculture.

Skateboarders love gossip as much as rap fans and graffiti nerds. They love tales of fatalities, misbehaviour and “where are they nows” more than most, and a key catalyst for misfortune was the transition from vert to street. Superstars plunged from grace as a new breed emerged, and the old guard had to evolve or…

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UXA’s “#TheChase” featuring Eli Reed

Subaltern Heritage and Leisure: The Southbank Skatepark

Sport Heritage Review

Heritage is one of those processes that is normally top-down.  In other words, what “the heritage” is often comes from the social, cultural, or political elite who prescribe what is/is not worthy of protection, conservation, funding.  However, in the past generation or so, there have been wider forms of representation of heritage – some of which have come from oppositional groups.  In other words, heritage can be a process by which meaning can be enforced on a group, but heritage can also be used as a form of resistance to these meanings.  Sometimes this binary exists – the elite forcing their views on the masses, and the masses resisting by creating and enshrining their own heritage – though, recently, it seems how (and who) uses heritage and for what ends doesn’t necessarily follow this script.

Which leads me to the curious case of the Southbank Skatepark.  If you have every…

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Longboarding at White Rock Lake

B&C Reinventing the Journey

Hello Everyone!

We did some longboarding at White Rock Lake in Dallas a few days ago. Here is some footage for you all to enjoy filmed with the GoPro Hero 3 silver edition.

If you are in Dallas, go for a visit at White Rock Lake. It is a beautiful place to take a walk, bike, skate, or just sit and enjoy the view. The Dallas Arboretum is next door.

I (Carla) just learned two months ago how to skateboard. Bruno taught me while I was visiting him in Brazil. It is really a great sport to pick up. It is very fun and you also get a nice sweat going. I never thought I would be able to skateboard. If you are interested, go for it, it is worth the effort of learning and falling in the beginning.

We will be posting new material soon as we are going…

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