An 8-Wheeled Skateboard That Can Glide Down Stairs


Riding a skateboard is one thing. Kickflipping down a flight of stairs is another. But what if there was a skateboard that could cruise down staircases as easily as any other part of the street, obviating the ollie and letting riders move smoothly through the built environment without a repertoire of X-Games tricks? In fact, there is such a board. It’s called the Stair-Rover.

 The concept was born a few years back when designer and Royal College of the Arts graduate PoChih Lai wondered if there might be a way for riders to surf through cities, just like a surfers on their waves. Sure, skateboarders have come up with a dazzling variety of tricks to conquer the obstacles presented by urban landscapes, but Lai envisioned a different type of ride altogether. “I wanted to create something that let riders enjoy the stairs rather than overcome the stairs.”



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