Pushing Switch: A No Switch Mongo Update

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In January of this year I wrote this blog entry: http://mallisonwhat.com/2013/01/15/rodney-mullens-no-stance-goal-is-lofty-for-the-rest-of-us-no-more-switch-mongo/ .

Now with over 400 views, it is the fifth most viewed entry ever on my site. Obviously this is because of the content regarding the legendary skater Rodney Mullen. Don’t worry I’m not planning to write all my entries on Rodney Mullen in hopes of gaining monstrous view counts. Instead I will update the other topic from that entry, and that is the ‘switch mongo’ topic. The goal was not to push switch mongo. Basically with that entry I decided I would push switch and imitate the proper push but switch stance. Here is an update on my progress, perhaps an unnecessary update, but nothing better is in my brain right now. Remember writing anything once a week, is better than not writing regularly.

First off in some ways I have not progressed.  For my switch kickflips I’m…

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