Lakeland Life: SkatePark at Lake Bonny


Hi all! Hope you’re all having a great week so far! Every once and a while, I like to write a post about fun things to do or see in Lakeland in case you haven’t heard about them and for anyone that’s considering moving to the area. Today is no exception!

If you haven’t heard, a couple months ago the Lakeland SkatePark opened at Lake Bonny Park across from Lakeland High School. The city has been working on the project for the last couple years after the former Lakeland Skate Park land was bought by LRMC as part of an expansion plan. The city took $1.3 million of the money made from the sale and invested it in this awesome, state of the art skate park. Here is the awesome park that resulted:skate park

Amazing, right? The park has five main sections: two bowls, a flow course, a street course, and…

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