One Gathering Skate For Life 2013!



Murph and Walt’s skateboarding/ music festival was amazing on Saturday July, 6th at Denver skate park. Bringing people from all over the country to skate and support the live life movement run by the Stronghold Society. This event wouldn’t have been possible with out these two beautiful human beings. Lots of love and support from Native Gorilla.


Native Gorilla thanks everyone who came by to check out the Booth and for the support. This was the first time the clothing has been brought out to the public and it was awesome to hear and see all the responses. So many stickers got handed out so look for them posted in the city all over the place!


Different skate competitions going off all day long. Native gorillas favorite events to watch was the bowl comps. Everyone competing was just living life and riding so smooth and so good! Lots of smiles…

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