Hey Pro Skaters, There is Nothing Wrong With Making Money

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In skateboarding now there are people making good money being pros. There is a recent documentary called ‘We Are Skateboarders’ that I watched free on youtube. Overall I enjoyed the premise of the documentary that simply asked this question to a variety of skaters, “What is the soul of skateboarding.” With that question the filmmakers simply let the interviewees talk, and some interesting things come out of it. However, one skater equates some types of sponsorships as selling out, and one should not put making money as a reason to skate. I think it does touch of corporate versus small business, and an issue for some skaters. Some interviewees in the Steve Rocco documentary, ‘The Man Who Souled the World,’ bring up the some topic in a different way. Even though I’ve never been sponsored and never will be I’m going to explain that there should be more money flowing…

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