Have Skateboard, Will Travel

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Ever wondered what it would be like to travel over 7,800 miles on a skateboard? Well, now you don’t have to wonder, because California native, Myster Holliman, is doing exactly that by embarking on an epic coast-to-coast journey across the United States. Having started his journey in Seattle on June 1st, Holliman expects to spend at least 8 months winding his way through difficult terrain and challenging weather conditions to reach Miami Beach on the East coast. He’s hoping to get his name in the record books by beating the previous record holder, Rob Thompson, who travelled a total of 7,555.25 miles back in 2008. (You can keep up with Holliman’s progress via this link.)
Back in the UK, Dominic Kolodziej, has embarked on a similar, albeit shorter journey, where he hopes to travel 260 miles from Maidenhead to Newquay, by skateboard, in just 7 days. Kolodziej hopes to…

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