Manifest synchronicity/First Ever 360 No Complies

Relearning to Skateboard

Frontside 180 No Comply off curb
75 attempts (am not drilling on our keeping track of the make rate. I’m in the phase of pushing myself beyond my limits, so don’t really want to be held back by makes just yet. If I wanted I could probably make most of them, but I’d be playing it safe and not be exploring how to go higher, faster, tweak it out, go 360).
About 5 were 360, and I’d prior never landed one 360. What!?

The day before yesterday, team manager for Powell Peralta, Deville Nunes, liked a couple of my photos on Instagram so for the first time I knew who he was and I now respect his work. Great photographs. Cool in and of itself. Then yesterday I ran into him and Powell pro Brendon Villanueva filming a part for a movie. Sick rail slides. Deville sees how…

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