Yo RZA, yo Razor, hit me with the Major!

A Skatebored Observer

OR: “A Reasoned and Logical Analysis of the Common Scooter and its Riders”

by Morgan Dyson


-Now usually I just like to steal stock Google image photos and leave them be for the reader to take as they will, but the source of this glorious picture is just too good to leave out. The link should tell you all you need to know, but go ahead and have a browse of the rest of the site also, it is just breathtaking. http://www.scooterdad.com/article/skate-park-etiquette-for-scooter-kids

As creative, inventive and artistic as we skateboarders like to believe ourselves in our perception of our surrounding cultural, societal and physical aspects, we usually fall rather short when pressed to delivery a satisfactory argument against the common scourge of the skatepark: the scooter. Well fear not, fellow pants rolling and sock puller-uppers, for here I will present an extremely biased two pronged attack to cut…

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