Fun day at the wall

Relearning to Skateboard

My wife needed to rest of this afternoon, and it’s a holiday weekend. So I had no trouble getting away for almost three blissful hours of skateboarding, exploring, and playing with my camera.

My wife challenges me, I love it.
Started and ended at the DMV, with shady manuals and 180 frontside no comply practice off the curb.
Yesterday when I showed my wife my video of my doing 180 frontside no complies off the curb, she said I should do 2,500 more attempts and then record it again and compare. She actually was that into it! She also rode my board a bit, so this is great for an adult relearning to skateboard.
Today I practiced the first 25 of the 2,500. Was sloppy, mostly playing with dynamics.
Eventually I want to tweak it out and grab the nose.

Manual pad quest
I texted a friend who’d once…

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