Skateboarding, Bimbo, and Bach

If Dreams Die

I dreamt that I was in an old warehouse. My art professors were testing our skateboarding skills and our courage. They built a ramp the went out a window on the third floor. The told us to ramp off it and onto the next building over, approximately 15 feet away. I volunteered to go first, but they held me back to talk to me.

Scene Change

bimboI woke late for my literature class, Ecology & Science Fiction. I immediately ran to the library without changing my clothes, which meant I was wearing only underwear and an overly-large Bimbo soccer jersey.

When I reached the library, a classmate came up and asked if I would help sculpt the molding along the walls. I would be doing busts of  Bach and Mozart. After I agreed, she suggested that I go back to my room first and change into a more…

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