So It Goes…

Cutting The Stone

All things come to pass. Some sooner than others. In skateboarding, things are no different. Great companies come and go before they have the opportunity to flourish, or some times even get off the ground. We are paying tribute to the following companies were unreasonably short lived.

1. Aesthetics

Aesthetics was started by Sal Barbier and Palmer Brown. They had a great (though a bit small) team, and awesome graphicsthat were ahead of its time. They unfortunately petered out due to disagreements between Barbier and Brown.

2. Color

Color was created by Kris Markovich, Mark Oblow, and supported by Chris Metiver. They released an amazing video in 1993. The company died when a majority of the team switched to Prime Skateboards.

3.  Rasa Libre

Arguably the most  infamous company on this list, Rasa Libre is regarded as being one of the best companies in skateboarding that never took off the ground…

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