Sunrise session at Venice Skate Park

Relearning to Skateboard

While working all day at a coffee house I met a manager for Vision Street Wear. Got his contact info in case I need a job. Cosmic cuz I’d just been thinking that I’d be happy with a steady job in the skate industry.
Then I went for a nice long night skate session at CVS, practicing frontside Ollies over the curb and 90 degrees into a board slide. No makes.
360 Popshovit Practice:
Backside 180 Ollies:
Make rate: 40%. Almost/Spin fix: 60%
Rolling Kickflip Practice:
Make rate: 52% Almost/Spin fix: 28%. Ollie fix: 16%
Varial Flip Practice:
Make rate: 24% Almost/Spin fix: 68% Ollie fix: 8%

Am getting the dynamics in place for the 360 Popshovits, don’t even know the current name. I think Mullen called them helipop. Getting it around more and more, but am kicking it away from me, not centered.

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