Smashing the concrete wave


What started off as a children’s toy has now developed into a world wide sport.

Skateboarding became huge during the late 70’s and through into the 80’s. It is now an international phenomenon with as many as 18.5 million skaters reported in 2002.

The 70’s saw skateboarding taken to the next level with the Zephyr skate team, or the Z Boys, in Venice, California.

With waves only breaking for a few hours in the morning, what else were these young lads going to do during the day? They weren’t going to school that’s for sure.

This saw a surf style approach to the then children’s toy. Cutting back on the concrete waves, skateboarding has developed a lot since those days.

However, we are now in the times where we see skateboarding being brought back into surfing. With most surfers skating, it’s only natural.

We have surfers today getting air on…

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