So many moving parts! Small adjustments make crazy changes.

Relearning to Skateboard

Stationary Kickflip Practice:
Make rate: 72%. Spin/almost: 24%. Ollie adjustments: 4%
Rolling Kickflip Practice
Make rate: 38%. Spin/almost: 36%. Ollie thuds: 26%

One of the best days, as far as making landings and keeping the failed Ollie out of the picture.
I spent a bunch of time playing around with 360 Ollies, tail stalls, grinds. Also, it took me forever to get the kickflips going. Especially rolling. I probably tried 60 with 2 makes before I honed in on the pop first.

Skated for almost 2 hours, but didn’t do Varial Flip Practice. I wanted to, but ran out of time just playing around like I’m supposed to.

I put down the phone and recorded myself doing a few flips off the curb. Fun. Hadn’t done that before.

Very likely I won’t get to skate. I’ll be doing work all morning, and then in a tv…

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