Floating Sinking Ship

In case you hadn’t noticed, Element Skateboards screwed Jeremy Wray. I read this article on Jenkem’s website and it turns out Element has been using Jeremy’s name for a while, without actually sending him a check for doing so. This sounds oddlyfamiliar, and I am glad these pro’s are speaking out on the sketchy, crooked business going down in skateboarding. Finally, Jeremy said “enough with the bullshit” and decided to start his own company, along with his brother Jonas, aptly named Wraybro Skateboards.


Because skateboarding is so addicting

Another reason Wray started a company was his family was starting, and he did not want to have to rely on sponsorship money in order to support them. Wray has stated that he does intend to bring back some of his old graphics from the Color, Blockhead and Plan B era. He even has an email address, thewraybros@gmail.com, where you…

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