Floating Sinking Ship


Unless you have been living under a rock, Tampa Pro is this weekend. It is also the 20th Year of SPoT.  As always, SPoT will broadcasting the entire contest live starting at 6pm on Friday. Check it out here. The Ship has always been a fan, and I even skated SPoT and the Bro Bowl three years ago. I fondly remember going to the Moat Show and shaking Schaefer’s hand and telling him thank you for all he’s done. I even skated the mini-ramp. I won free Combat socks from Circa and even got a free HUF hat. Tampa is a great city, and if you are attending Tampa Pro, I will tell you I am insanely jealous. My pick this year has got to be either Dennis Busenitz or Brian Anderson. I’ll be getting my wisdom teeth out that day, so of course I will be watching.

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