Things Worth Checking Out: The Shetler Show

Floating Sinking Ship



The Shetler Show is a podcast hosted by professional skateboarder Anthony Shetler.


Filmed in his kitchen, the Shetler Show has featured some of the local, well-known people surrounding Anthony’s life. People such as pro skateboarders Brandon Westgate, Nick Dompierre and Dave Bachinsky, Craig Paiva (founder and owner of No Problemo Taqueria), Donny Barley, Steve Rodriguez (Owner of FiveBoro Skateboards) and even professional pole dancer Samantha Star. The Shetler Show allows an indepth look at their lives straight from the people themselves. You learn many interesting things. I had no clue that Craig Paiva had quite the existential skateboard collection that he does, and I had no idea that Nick Dompierre’s seemingly disappearance from the skateboard world was because of a broken neck.

The Shetler Show is both audio recorded as well as video recorded, which Anthony and his co-host Ramsey upload to Youtube on the ALLiNEED channel. Anthony…

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