This Week in the Universe

Cutting The Stone

This week, The Chrome Ball Incident has been posting awesome old Transworld articles on skaters and their art. He’s put up scans from the “Brain Floss” series as well as “The Hands That Bite” and “The Hands That Chew”: the articles that led up to the magazine’s creation of Brain Floss. The posts are aptly titled after mid-twentieth century Japanese art house horror films. These are really really amazing and everyone should go check them out right now. Stop reading this and go look at them now. Here’s the links: Jigoku | Hausu.

Welcome back assuming you followed my instructions and went to Chrome Ball and looked at all the beautiful art and eloquent words!

In other news, Ben Raybourn may never leave Thrasher Magazine’s home page again. After getting the cover of the March issue, as well as a Magnified segment, a part for the site, and…

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