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Over the river and through the woods to Buckley, WA we drove to see Luke Thorington. Being gentlemanly Luke tucked us in bed, breakfast treated and royally toured us around Buckley. We started our adventure off by satisfying our stomachs and getn’ creative in ZZZZZ kitchen. Three birds of a feather banned together to concoct Peptobismal looking, raspberry infused and sugar loaded pancakes. Moms always say don’t play with your food, but the Pepto batter screamed my little pony…

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Full of scrumptious flapjack ponies and cracked out on coffee, we skipped out the door. We tally ho’d and charged the Bonney Lake skatepark for grinds,slashes,hops and turns.

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The park was granulated but so fun!

With three waterfalls into the bowls there’s some serious potential if you get loose with frontside airs or some wild tuckknees!

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Luke killing it with the grabs, Jenna GTSing,

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and I sliding some coping. We…

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The other week i went out with some of my friends and went out took some photo’s of them and them skateboarding.Image









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it was Ega MP who came out with an idea after he saw so many El Kiddo’ (a doodle character) skating around on facebook’ newsfeed, he ask us to bring him  skating on Lucky Line Skatepark’s wall, but it’s too big for El Kiddo to skate alone, so he asked Gwen and his dog Fluffy to accompany him. Thanks Ega for giving us a space to put Zazz’ lovely creatures, Eko a.k.a Stupid for his skill to spread a red line, and Akbar for recording the process! 6 hours on the day 1 and 5 hours on the day 2, what a happy days!

*the video’s on progress

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Necessary Bytes


The Homie T-Puds getting it done!

Rad to see a good friend of ours Torey Pudwill out killing the skate game. From his somewhat new GRIZZLEY GRIPTAPE line to collabs with DIAMOND. Glad to see he made the stairway to heaven!

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