Today’s Eggs: GX1000 — Vinilla

One of the rawest videos ever put out, period. Skateboarding IS a crime.

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Static IV | Steve Brandi — Anchor Skate Supply

Steve Brandi’s full part from Static IV . Make sure to also check out the Checking In With The Hopps Crew article over at Jenkem Mag

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Skate & Bake 2016 Tclips —

True Skateboard Mag showed up to document the Skate N’ Bake 2016 which had the likes of Brandon Turner, Mike Mcgill, Danny Ruiz, Push 40, OJ, Peter Smolik, Curtis Mcgurtis, Jake Brown, & Tyrone ‘T-Bone’ Olson (behind the lens), with many others.

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The Beast — One Man and His Board

Randomly one day I decided I needed to try long boarding, so I bought an Arbor Pinebox.

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Side Street Seeing — duchampcomp

I like taking side streets. Main streets become a blur of destination and determination, but side streets slow. They invite discovery. Just like taking a walk will uncover the unseen in your neighborhood, side streets give your eyes permission to glance left and right. I spotted this broken skateboard on a side street in Costa […]

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NIGHT : SHIFT and Grizzly Griptape presented a limited-edition collaboration of the goods that will be invading homes this week. The first home the collection occupied was Grizzly Founder Torey Pudwill’s place, before making its way to #grizzlygang pro Boo Johnson’s loft. Today, the NIGHT : SHIFT x GRIZZLY collection of premium home goods is […]


Emerica: “MADE Chapter 2” — Adolescent Lounge

Let me begin by saying that Jon Miner is one of the best and most influential skateboarding videographers. MADE Chapter 2 Did not fall short at all with Emerica’s legacy of great skateboarding films. From beginning to end there was a momentum that is created from the pure raw skating and soundtrack. Like MADE 1, a new […]

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Andalé’s “Wheelie Dope” Video —

Andalé bearings took over the Santa Monica Courthouse manual pad with a grip of cash for the lucky victor. Featuring – Gary Rogers, John Dilorenzo, Joey Brezinski, Dane Vaughn, Kevin Stanley, Shamatty Chaffin, Victor Brooks, Carlos Iqui, James Espinoza & Jonathan Vaughn. You can check out the [photo] coverage of the event here!

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Back on the Skateboard: The Love Returns — Juan Torres Tries Again

(the first in a series about getting back on the board after a 15 year hiatus) The past couple years have been very eventful for me. Heck, the past couple months have been a rollercoaster. Between marriage, changing jobs, moving halfway across the world… my life has been a little topsy-turvy.So that might partially explain […]

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